But first… Why  we do what we do.

We cherish the roles assigned to us by our clients: “Financial Bodyguard,” “Personal C.F.O.,” “Trusted Advisor”. It is a flat-out blessing to get to do what we do every day and to do it the same way we do it for ourselves and our own family members – comprehensive, conflict-free financial advice.

To interact, on every financial level, with dozens of families – all with unique cultures, value systems, personalities and challenges. To assist in shepherding the fruits of our clients’ labor – and to be a witness, participant and facilitator in the passing on of that treasure wherever the client intends. And we get to bring best-of-breed solutions to our clients knowing that because our sole form of compensation comes from our clients – and not from the sale of financial products – it frees us to do everything in the best interest of our clients. Most of all, we get to take care of folks and positively impact the lives of those who recognize our competence, trust our judgment and partner with us in every decision.

OK, now here’s what we do…

Comprehensive financial planning and wealth management

We deconstruct our clients’ financial lives as follows:

  • Asset management (your total investment picture)
  • Disability and risk management (protecting you from catastrophe)
  • Tax planning and management (improving your wealth-building efficiency)
  • Debt management (reducing unnecessary expenses)
  • Estate planning (helping you transfer your lifetime assets to your heirs and/or to worthy causes)
  • Charitable planning (to help you give back to the community)
  • An evaluation of the goals and objectives – financial independence, education planning, gifting, large asset purchases, etc. – that provide all context for the financial plan as a whole.

And we examine all of the above considering under these circumstances: Where you are now? Where do you want to go? And, how do your get there?… if you live, if you die or if you become disabled…

We bring to the table an accumulation of decades of financial wisdom, punctuated by thousands of unique client financial planning challenges. In plain English, we’ve just about seen it all… and that wealth of experience accrues to all of our clients’ benefit at one time or another over the life of our relationship.

One last thing… We rely solely on referrals from existing clients and other professionals for new business. So we spend 0% of our time marketing and promoting, and 100% of our time seeing to our clients’ needs.

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